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Algebra/Pre-algebra Teachers, ESL and Special Ed Teachers, Homeschoolers, Tutors, and Parents – here are your complete lesson plans for teaching the fundamentals of algebra without PEMDAS.

14 Complete Lessons, 6-10 Weeks (depending on pace and level)


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Once you start using this new approach to algebra , you will never go back to PEMDAS. I have made the first three lessons free.  You will be amazed by it’s simplicity (compared to the traditional method).

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Read what students, teachers and administrators are saying about the Algebra Bracket Method.

  • Iva

    7th Grade Math Teacher

    I never, and I repeat, never have liked PEMDAS, and they do not use it correctly...I have always just tried to get them to see the big picture...but your bracketing really works.  I did it with my accelerated 7th grade class today,... Read more

  • Alyssa Dossat

    Algebra 2 Teacher

    Let me start by saying, thank you. Your algebra method worked wonders with my classes last year, I would have been floundering for months without the helpful hints from your website. I started teaching at my current school last year. I was... Read more

  • Tonya Gean

    Homeschool Teacher

    I am a homeschool teacher who has spent the past 5 years trying to help my autistic daughter make progress toward overcoming her severe math anxiety and numerical disabilities. We attempted numerous curricula before I finally stumbled upon your website. Your teaching... Read more

  • Judy

    Algebra 1 Teacher

    All I can say is WOW. I've been looking for a way to get this across to students who have struggled in Math for 8 years. This is Awesome!