Alyssa Dossat

Let me start by saying, thank you. Your algebra method worked wonders with my classes last year, I would have been floundering for months without the helpful hints from your website. I started teaching at my current school last year. I was hired early in the summer and happily spent two months planning my Algebra 2 curriculum…My students had passed Algebra 1, but on paper only.   I did not want to repeat the PEMDAS stuff the had “learned” before, and didn’t have the time to tackle that anyway. I found your bracket method and started teaching it the very next day. The students skated right through all of the material. Classes always ended with comments like “that was so easy!”…I am teaching Algebra 2 again this year and plan to begin again with the bracket method…Thank you again for posting your method online. It really is the most straightforward algebra method I have come across.